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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum number of people needed for a tour to run?

Feel free to sign up as a single adventurer, as a couple or as a group. These minimums below reflect the number of spots we need to fill to operate the tour.

  • Half-Day Kayaking Tour Min 4 / Max 8
  • Half-Day Stand-Up Paddleboard Tour Min 4 / Max 8
  • Full-Day (Kayaking-Only) Tour Min 2 / Max 6 (Or 12 with 2 guides)
  • Indigenous Full-Day Kayaking-Only Tour Min 4 / Max 12
  • Full-Day Kayaking Tour Min 4 / Max 8
  • UNESCO Biosphere Day-Tour Min 4 / Max 8
  • Georgian Bay Lighthouse Tour Min 4 / Max 8

How much experience do I need to participate? 

Beginners to Experienced – These adventures are great for everyone. If you are new to the sport, all of our guides are also Paddle Canada instructors and so will be happy to provide some basic introduction to paddle strokes so that you can paddle along with us.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, you can bring your well-behaved dog with you on a boat-assisted tour, but not on a kayaking-only tour. This is only possible if you are booking out the entire boat for your group alone.

What ages can participate in these tours?

For our kayaking-only tours, we can take 13 and up. For boat-assisted kayaking or SUP tours that you have booked out the entire boat for, we can take any age.

What should I wear when kayaking?

In the summer a bathing suit or shorts and a shirt are ideal. Remember to wear long sleeves to protect your arms from the sun. You may want some extra dry layers and a towel if you want to swim. We also recommend bringing a wind-breaker or rain shell jacket in case the wind picks up or you feel cool.

What should I wear when Stand-up Paddleboarding?

SUPing is inherently a wet sport. Wear a bathing suit or layers you don’t mind potentially getting wet. Remember to cover up or use sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. A sandal with a back strap is nice on your feet.

What should I wear when I am on the Boat?

Even on a sunny day, it can feel cool on the boat, especially if you had a swim and are on your way back. We recommend bringing a rain-shell jacket or windbreaker to throw on at the end of the tour if you need it.

Where can I use the bathroom?

Great questions! Well, out on the island there are some strategically placed “Thunder boxes” these amount to a plywood box above a hole in the ground. It isn’t fancy but it does the trick. Trees offer privacy, the birds provide the theme music and we provide a kit with everything you might require.

Which tours shuttle you into the islands on the boat?

The Half-Day Kayaking tour, The Half-Day Stand-Up Paddleboard Tour, The Full-Day Kayaking Tour, The Lighthouse tour, and the UNESCO Biosphere Tour all use the Adventure Boat to get you out into the Islands.

Which tours don’t use the adventure boat?

The Full-Day Kayaking Tour and The Full-Day Kayaking Tour with Indigenous Guide are both paddling-only. This means you get fit into your kayak at Gilly’s marina and paddle out to the islands from there.

Where can I park my vehicle during the tour?

We launch all of our tours (unless otherwise stated) from Gilly’s Restaurant and Marina. If you are taking one of our tours, we cover the cost of your parking pass. If you are taking a shuttle out into the islands, then you cover parking for the duration of your trip.

Where are the best places to eat near Parry Sound, after the tour?

We will end our tour back at Gilly’s Restaurant and Marina. Gilly’s is well known for its amazing food and vibrant waterfront atmosphere. Fresh Great Lakes fish and chips, decadent desserts, and seasonal cocktails await you after your adventure. For more info head over to our “Planning your Adventure” page.

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