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Georgian Bay Kayak Shuttle 

Let our landing craft and commercial boat captain get you safely into or out of the islands. Our 26’ aluminum boat can take 9 passengers and lots of cargo. If the weather picks up during your kayaking trip and you need to get back to the city, or you just want to paddle in one direction, we can move you, your group, and your gear. 

Choose to start your trip in the Mink and McCoy Islands or down in the Cathcart area and paddle back to your vehicle. We charge by the hour for shuttles which is an affordable way for your group to start or end your adventure.

Our boat “Umiak”

Why did we choose to call our boat Umiak?

An umiak is a type of traditional Inuit boat that was commonly used for transportation and hunting in the Arctic regions of North America. Umiaks are typically made from animal skins or hides stretched over a wooden or bone frame, and they are propelled by paddles or oars.

Umiaks are known for their large size and capacity, and they are often used to transport people, goods, and even animals across long distances in Arctic waters. The design of an umiak varies depending on the region and culture of the people who use it, but they generally have a flat bottom and a curved hull to help them navigate through the icy waters of the Arctic.

We named our boat Umiak because it is a kayak support boat. Traditionally Umiaks were much larger than kayaks and could carry more people and cargo. They were often used to transport kayakers and their gear to their destination. Umiaks were also useful for transporting larger game or catches that were too heavy for a single kayak. Umiaks also provided protection from the elements. The animal skin or hide coverings provided insulation from the cold Arctic waters and winds. Kayakers could stay dry and warm while riding in an umiak. We acknowledge that the skills and tradition of the qajaq (kayak) and Umiak is the living traditional heritage and intellectual genius of the Indigenous people of the Arctic.

Island Time

We offer an early morning drop-off and evening pickup service to the islands near Snug Harbour, so you and your group can relax on a secluded island for the day. Bring a cooler, and some chairs and spend the day swimming and relaxing in the shade of the white pine trees. This service leaves the marina at 0730 and picks you back up at around 1800. This bookends our regular day tours. Contact us for pricing.

Our Passenger Van

Along with our Adventure Boat, we also have a luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. Whether you want to have a few drinks and get home safely or package a day of adventures with pick-up and drop-off at your in-town accommodation we can create a package that lets you relax while we take care of everything else. We can even come and pick up your group from the city.

Parking and Shuttle Boat Rates

Our home port is at Gilly’s Marina and Restaurant, which means there is parking available for $12/vehicle at our launch point. Shuttle rates are $375/hour for the boat (max 9 passengers). Starting when we depart the marina. (Minimum 1 hour)

  • Up to nine passengers
  • Lifejackets provided
  • Up to 2 Canoes or 6 kayaks
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • $375 per hour

…Happy Customers

What people say about our adventures.

It was so cool to paddle around the uninhabited islands of the bay. Highly recommend.

Kate C

The boat was clean and comfortable, and the captain made sure we were all safe and having a great time.

Carly D

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